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nginx index inside conditional location

Description: On a server that delivers multiple sites, I need to set up the location of a request depending on the host. For example I need to serve different text depending on the site language. Solution: The only problem here … Continue reading

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Rewrite links with htaccess

Description: Rewrite or redirect links insite a web application. Solution: Redirection is simple using htaccess. Just create a file named .htaccess in the root of your web project and with some basic rules and regular expressions, all calls to your … Continue reading

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Increase phpMyAdmin file import size

Description: phpMyAdmin allows by default a maximum upload size of 8Mb for importing a sql file.This can be sometimes too small. Solution: The maximum import size is stored in the php.ini file located in the PHP directory. Look for the … Continue reading

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XAMPP cannot start Apache server

Description: Cannot start Apache server from XAMPP Control Panel. Solution: First source of the problem is usually that the port 80 is in use by other applications. We can run “netstat” on command prompt line, to view which applications use … Continue reading

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Transfer Outlook e-mails to another computer

Description: Microsoft Outlook stores all e-mails on the local hard-disk thus using the account on another computer involves also transferring the content data. Solution: Exporting from old account: File > Import and Export > Export to a file Importing to … Continue reading

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Remove red vertical line from NetBeans editor

Description: There is a vertical red line in the NetBeans editor. What is this and how can it be removed? Solution: The line represents the recommended code line length. This is just a guideline. It cannot be removed, however it … Continue reading

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