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Retrieve coordinates when click on image

Description: HTML forms allow the use of an image as a submit button, and the action triggers the send of the x and y coordinates of the click relative to the image size. However, why not take it to the … Continue reading

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Load different config files in in WordPress single implementation

Description: Having multiple databases on the same implementation of WordPress, you need to select the proper config file before running a selected script from command line Solution: Just add a parameter that describes the correct config you need, for example … Continue reading

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Send array values from PhP form to JavaScript

Description: Having a PhP form, we need to manipulate in JavaScript an object that depends on the form input. Solution: The best way to do it is to use an encoded JSON object or an AJAX call. The AJAX call … Continue reading

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301 and 302 redirect, differences and implementation

Description: Is there any difference between 301 and 301 redirects ? Solution: Practically, there is limited difference between the two. To be precise, 301 redirect signals a permanent move of the page, while 302 reffers to a temporary move. This … Continue reading

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Zend Framework coding standards

Description: Guideline for coding in the Zend Framework. Solution: Use the following coding standards, derived from the original coding standards inherited from : Class names: Classes_Upper_Case Function names: camelCaseFunction Constant names: CONSTANTS_USE_CAPITAL_LETTERS Configuration: UTF8 Return parameters(no direct $_GET or … Continue reading

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Ajax call forces redirect from HTTPS to HTTP return 302

Description: Calling an Ajax request from a HTTPS server redirects to the HTTP server causing a 302 redirect return message if the HTTP and HTTPS servers are on different IPs. Solution: Ajax calls through JavaScript will always redirect to HTTP. … Continue reading

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Hide HTML fields with Javascript

Description: Hide or show different HTML fields when markup is changed. Solution: There are 3 aspects to take into consideration. First, we have to identify which element will dictate the change. This is done by adding the property onchange or … Continue reading

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