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Secure copy files between hosts

Description: Use scp (secure copy) to copy data between different servers, from local or remote hosts. Solution: Syntax for secure copying is easy, you just need to provide the source and destination of the file/folder. Depending where you are copying to … Continue reading

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Create symlink

Description: A symlink (or symbolik) link allows creating an alias for a file or folder in a different folder with a different name. This can come in handy for accessing special folders in the structure that don’t need to be … Continue reading

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Run PHP Compatibility checks for upgrading version

Description: In order to bring the PHP version up to date, we need to run compatibility test on our projects. Solution: The CodeSniffer tool that can be installed on each system gives us the most precise results. Follow the guide … Continue reading

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Requirements for sending e-mails from PHP

Description: We need to send e-mails directly from a PHP script. Solution: First, in php.ini the smtp port should be set to 25, but this is usually by default. To locate your php.ini file in the server configuration you can use … Continue reading

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Create linux shortcut for commands

Description: Having long or medium commands we use pretty often, it comes in handy to create commands aliases in Linux. Solution: An alias can describe a command or a section of commands. To define an alias: > alias short_command=”do something … Continue reading

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Install compass and sass on linux machine with Ruby

Description: Compass offers a highly simplified way of writing style sheets. Basically users can create sass files, that can share style information, and then compile this using Compass into regular old-fashioned CSS files. Unfortunately Sass requires Gem which is a … Continue reading

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