Reversing an Array in PhP


Having an array, how to easily do to reverse the order of the elements.


PhP offers an out-of-the box solution to this issue. It is the function array_reverse() which inverts the order of the array elements. A point to take care of is that the key association is lost only for elements which have numeric keys:

$a = array (’x’ => ’a’, 10 => ’b’, ’c’);
var_dump (array_reverse ($a));

This outputs:

array(3) {
string(1) “c”
string(1) “b”
string(1) “a”

Not to be confused with array_flip() which changes the value of the element with the value of the key:

var_dump (array_flip ($a));


array(3) {
string(1) “x”

Note: the 3rd element will be 11 as the array keys are consecutive numbers, unless mentioned otherwise.


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