Fixing SQL errno: 150


On table altering, SQL or phpMyAdmin throws an 150 error, with a message like Error on rename of ‘./tables/#sql-efc_1’ to ‘./tables/my_table’ (errno: 150)” or “Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails”.


Error 150 is related to foreign key relations. Receiving this error means that a foreign key was defined in the table to be altered and it cannot be dropped as its properties are still valid.

What to do:

In phpMyAdmin, go to the table Structure and scroll down to find the “Relation view” link. Click on it and eliminate all the relations given to the table column you want to alter/drop.

In plain MySQL , just drop the foreign key definition, as follows:

ALTER TABLE my_table
DROP FOREIGN KEY fk_table_id;

In Oracle, or other query languages the constraint has to be eliminated :

ALTER TABLE my_table
DROP CONSTRAINT fk_table_id;

After the foreign key definition is eliminated, altering the table should work with no issues.

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2 Responses to Fixing SQL errno: 150

  1. gurmanialv says:

    You really think foreign keys are defined for no reason and dropping them would not affect data integrity and aplication logic?

    • admin says:

      Nobody suggested that. Foreign keys have great logic and are a big part of the data integrity. That’s why we get an error or a warning when we try to change some data without considering the foreign keys. This post only shows what to do when there is a foreign key constraint in the way of a table drop or such. Of course we assume that the administrator of the database has a reason for dropping a table, and he has considered all the possible impact.

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