Convert StdClass objects to SOAP compliant objects


Having an obtained StdClass Object, we require to change it into a SOAP structure object or Array compliant.


Converting a StdClass Object with PhP basically means iterating the object and populating the public properties with elements from the provided object/array.

First we get the public properties using the PhP Reflection Class:

$reflect = new ReflectionClass($this);
$properties = $reflect->getProperties (ReflectionProperty::IS_PUBLIC);

Having these properties, we simply iterate them as follows:

foreach($properties as $property) {
$propertyName = $property->getName();
if (isset($data[$propertyName])) {
$this->{$propertyName} =  (is_object($data[$propertyName])) ?  (array)$data[$propertyName] : $data[$propertyName];

Additionally, we can start by converting the $data object into Array:

if (is_object($data)) {
$data = (array)$data;

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